A Breakthrough Opportunity & A More Sustainable Future :
To Reimagine & Rebuild the World

Sustainability concerns bring all across a full spectrum of corporate ethics and responsibility and critical global issues from climate change, plastics recycling to food systems, and ESG investing.

While we face unexpected challenges since the pandemic hammered the global economy, it also has awakened the world. An incredible opportunity to reimagine and rebuild the business arises. Your strategy, operations, and customer sharing proposition matter closely linked to sustainability concerns, but they can maximize the opportunities as well. Not only address the increasingly urgent situation but inspire and generate significant long-term corporate values.

By now, rooted sustainability in your strategy is inevitable. Building sustainable operating business models for the future needs to skill up workforces and develop specific sustainability skills for leaders-improving their environmental,social, and governance (ESG) performance, raising the bar on purpose, and embedding responsible business by sustainability design.

Why is The Sustainability Imperative?

Today is the time for business with government and society to transform the united global economy. Meanwhile, increasing customer expectations to take action toward-low-carbon energy industry transitions, green IT, cloud & software, and responsible value chains, investors demand more efforts. Organizations must present that they decisively keep on the right track about sustainability in everything they do. For help, we bring rich experience integrating sustainability into the core strategy, operating models, processes, and technologies to achieve sustainable future growth.

How to Make It?

We are here to bring you corporate sustainability and responsibility. In-depth knowledge, extensive expertise in sustainability and capital markets, and a proven ability to dive into a transformation will help you make a different impact. We work in four ways to deliver extraordinary impact for your organization and the planet:

Our Operations

Toward net zero emissions by 2050 across the economy—regulatory changes, a digital transformation, technology innovation, and adaptation to shifting demand for products Optimizing manufacturing of process control and product formulation Optimizing consumer goods to package, especially from plastic waste through the supply chain Optimizing logistics to reduce shipping costs and greenhouse gas emissions

Our Funding Pathways

Finding opportunities for decarbonization and exploring new pathways to a sustainable future
Promoting capital development programs for resiliency and sustainable innovation
Focusing on sustainable investing in creating new financial products
Capital reallocating practices and realigning credit policies

Our Transformation

Underpinning on your ecosystem implementing circular-economy principles to support sustainable growth
Transforming operations rooted in resource intensity, changing to governance processes supply chains, and investment priorities
Opportunity-focused Case Study of Volkswagen: Embracing Opportunity in the electric vehicle market Transparent Case Study of Olam International: Enhancing food supply chain transparency by developing a sustainable and traceable sourcing solution-subscription platform At Source
Ecosystem-focused Case Study of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Making fashion circular initiative promotes collaboration and innovation among leading apparel brands across the textile economy to reduce waster and pollution